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Llama Llama Misses Mama - a strategy...

Listen to the story of Llama Llama missing his mama at school and then make a comfort jar to take for those times....

It is hard to say goodbye in a strange and noisy place, especially if you are shy and new!

If we acknowledge this, we can lessen the anxiety and provide strategies to help.

Listen to the story to see that you are not alone in feeling like this....

You could provide a tiny favourite toy to keep in a pocket or you could make a couple of calming jars: one to stay at home and one small enough to carry to school for difficult times.

Use a clear plastic bottle with a well fitting lid.

Half fill bottle with glue, add water, food colouring and glitter. Screw on lid very tightly and shake well.

Admire the way the water and the glitter swirl around in the bottle. Add more glitter or colouring to make it the best it can be.

This is the most Important step: GLUE the lid to prevent spillage!!

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