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Let's get physical!

#Sunday Seeds

Because everything starts with a seed….

Let’s get physical!

We cannot stress the importance of both fine and gross motor skills enough! Both have an important role to play in your child’s development.

•. Gross motor skills develop the large muscles for moving the body to balance and to develop core strength for good posture. We also need large muscles for coordination and endurance.

•. Fine motor skills are important for writing, colouring, manipulating objects and independence in dressing and eating.

We need to give our children daily opportunities to practise and develop their skills.

How to help?

Gross motor skills develop when we play games like:

· catch,

· when we balance on planks or lines, or a piece of string on the ground

· hop like a bunny, slink like a cat, gallop like a horse

· swing or play on the teeter totter

· just run for the fun of it!

· The old favourite Simon Says provides lots of opportunities to challenge movements. Click the link for ideas of how to play

Fine motor skills develop when we play with:

· blocks,

· draw pictures,

· build jigsaw puzzles

· play with play dough a

· move counters in a game,

· play with cards a

· when we use tweezers to pick up objects

Get physical together and see how your children build and strengthen their muscles. It will make them both stronger and smarter!

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