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Legs, legs, legs!


because everything starts with a seed…..

We are working to build strong foundations of math, understanding both number and quantity.

Counting is not just the naming of numbers – it is the understanding of the one-to-one correspondence that we wrote about a few weeks ago.

We can develop and reinforce this kind of number sense by counting objects. Young children need lots of opportunities to count and recount objects around them!

Handling real objects is very useful – they can be made and then remade into piles of specific numbers “show me three spoons, show me one spoon, show me two balls, show me five balls, show me five books, show me three books”

Counting objects in pictures provide opportunities to talk about those objects. We have assembled a collection of farm animals (in the hopes of Spring!) to provide lots of legs to count...

Listen and sing along to Old MacDonald had a farm to have fun identifying the animals…

Extend this, by asking your child to name the animal, describe the colour and count the legs. How many brown goat legs can you see? How many grey goat legs? How many chicken legs? How many legs in the picture?

The pages are arranged in order of difficulty – the last page has lots and lots of legs!

Happy counting!

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