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It is almost time!

#SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed….

School begins very soon! This can be a time of worry for our little ones who don't know what to expect.

How do you help them overcome their fears and anxiety?

We have written before about steps to take in the weeks leading up to this big day. Today we talk about how to handle the all-important first drop-off?

  • Don’t be tempted to sneak away; stay as long for as long as it is allowed to provide security. Listen to the teachers’ cues.

  • Bring a small comfort toy – an action figure or a little animal to fit into a pocket

  • Gentle reminders that you will soon be back

  • Establish a ritual or routine to provide comfort and familiarity.

  • Our story The Kissing Hand provides a wonderful way to keep you close all day. Listen to it here:

  • And then make your own kissing hands to provide that comfort and reassurance.

You can even make a raccoon or two!

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