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Is your child ready?

HIPPY Halton helps qualified mothers prepare their children for success in Kindergarten

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Ready. Set. READ!

Learning to read is far more than just recognizing letters and words, it is understanding and remembering what we read.

Don’t be discouraged, children learn at different rates and with varying degrees of interest.

How to foster that interest?

  • Read together as often as possible. Point to words as you say them and talk about the story.

  • As they start to become aware of letters and words, children gradually start to recognize words in signs that they see.

  • Ask them to "read" the signs and labels:

  • Stop, McDonalds, Walmart Tim Horton’s and favourite foods: Cheerios, Kraft Dinner, Campbell’s soup

  • Play a variety of I spy games;

  • with letters – something beginning with b and

  • with signs – I spy with my little eye a McDonald sign

  • Celebrate each success to build the confidence to keep trying.

HIPPY Halton 's program can help you to prepare your child to learn to read.

Call us to get started- (905) 582-7860

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