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Investing in our kids


because everything starts with a seed....

Bedtime Stories – an overlooked investment? We are all tired at the end of the day!

But there is one last activity to be shared.

Reading with our children at the end of the day is one of the best investments of time we can make. Besides sharing a special time together, the returns of bedtime stories are enormous and long lasting:

• Stories develop vocabulary – studies demonstrate a vast difference in children who are read to and those who are not.

• Stories develop both imagination and creativity – just turning pages enables us to experience other worlds and lives! These experiences build our creativity - we all need to be creative to solve problems and challenges we face.

• Children who are read to become children who read. Reading opens doors to opportunities and learning all through our lives. Make reading fun by adding voices and asking questions….Besides reading to our children, show them how much we enjoy reading too!

• Children who are read to become children who write. Early stories are often modelled on stories children have heard. As they develop their own “voice” they are able to expand and add their own creativity to make the stories their own. Their rich vocabulary imagination and creativity give them the tools they need. They also develop an ear for the rhythm and sound of language.

And what is perhaps best or all? Reading together is a special time that we can share – cuddles and reflections of your day bring you understanding and bonding.

All this can be ours – starting as early as we can. Share the joy of reading as enjoy watching our children reap the returns.

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