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How do you develop the kindness muscles?

because everything starts with a seed….

Age 4 – 7 is a critical time to develop your child’s lifelong kindness muscles and habits.

According to Harvard researchers, your kids need:

• to hear that kindness is important

• encouragement to think about other people’s perspectives and struggles

• an opportunity to practise caring for others.

That sounds like a lot of work!

Luckily we have a tool that will accomplish all three goals.

Reading books about kindness is much better than talking about it.

Research shows that our brains react as if we were actually living in the story – our very own virtual reality show given to us in a book. Who knew?

Here are three suggestions for kindness stories to start with. We have lots more. Please email us at if you want other titles; we would love to share!

Strictly no elephants – a story about being excluded

Big umbrella – a story about including others

A sick day for Amos McGee - a story helping and caring

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