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How do I know my child is learning?

As parents, we are always preoccupied with our children's well-being. We want to make certain that we are always doing our best for them, and ensuring that they are learning and developing is a top priority.

What are some examples of cognitive development?

  • Reading!

  • Vocalizing their needs

  • Listening to stories

  • Asking questions

  • Responding to their name when they are called

  • Recognizing and naming objects in a book

  • Telling stories

  • Following instructions

  • Counting to 10

  • Understanding the difference between the present and the past

  • Engaging in symbolic play

Your child will grow and develop naturally by modelling your behaviour. They will learn by playing and interacting with you. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, here are some fun and engaging cognitive development activities for every day of the week!


Let’s start the week with a Math activity! Teaching preschoolers to count will improve their readiness for other math concepts, such as adding and subtracting.


Questions to develop thinking and general knowledge too!

  • Ask and answer lots of questions

  • Avoid asking yes no questions – do you like chocolate; Instead – what is your favourite flavour – why do you like that?

  • Why questions are particularly good!


Explore more complex shapes with this beautifully illustrated read-aloud story by Eric Carle - 'My Very First Book of Shapes'.


Play I went to the market! Pretend play or role playing has immense benefits like developing imagination and creativity, supporting social and emotional development, and improving language and communication skills.

What are you shopping for today?

  • I bought a banana

  • I bought a banana and an apple

  • I bought a banana, an apple and a pear


Sing counting songs - Musical activities stimulate development in every area of the brain!


Today’s activity is a math sorting read-aloud story to spark your thinking skills, ‘A Pair of Socks’ by Stuart J. Murphy.


Sidewalk Chalk - develop the artistic side of little brains!

  • Draw pictures and shapes together

  • Create your own world

  • Draw an obstacle course for you to run through together

  • Practice the shapes you learned from earlier in the week

  • Lots to talk about as you practice fine motor skills!



Through the month of May we have shared 24 different activities that nurture cognitive development from math, reading, language, movement, creative, social emotional, memory skills and more...


Prepare your child for success in school

HIPPY is a free preschool program for qualified families in Oakville, Milton, and Burlington. We connect parents with trained Home Visitors who will give you weekly support and training on how to prepare your children for success in Kindergarten and beyond. The 30-week program is based on children's literature with all the materials, activities, and tools provided to you by HIPPY Halton.


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