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How are you?

How do you feel today?

Just as we develop our little ones’ intellectual and physical capabilities, we also need to help them to develop emotionally. Our children need to be able to recognize and express their feelings in healthy ways.

How can we teach our little ones about feelings?

  • Talk about the feelings of the characters in the books you read together

  • Dress up and pretend play provide opportunities to experiment and act out feelings

  • Mirrored feelings and emotion – stand in front of a mirror and ask them to make faces: happy, sad, mad, excited, worried.

  • Provide little scenarios and ask them to show you what they feel – excited, scared, unhappy, tired

  • Ask children to dance to express feelings. Think about playing different tunes and asking them to react to the way the music makes them feel

  • Draw faces showing different emotions

  • Sing and act out the song “If you are happy and you know it” (Listen to it here: )

  • Ask them to show you:

how you would feel if….

how do you feel when…

tell about a time when you felt….

HIPPY Halton provides free preschool education in your own home to qualified families.

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