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Giraffes can't dance - why not??


Because everything begins with a seed….

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the importance of listening and remembering and how to develop auditory memory.

Today we want to talk about the importance of listening itself. Why should we ensure that our children are good listeners?

Listening, understanding and remembering are part of the foundation of learning.

Through listening, we absorb details of the world around us, which helps to understand people’s actions and words.

Good listeners find it easier to learn new vocabulary and incorporate new ideas. This success forms the basis of good speaking and communication skills.

Knowing that they are heard and their words are understood will increase your child’s confidence and sense of belonging. Confident children are often more successful in Kindergarten as they like trying new things!

Good listeners are generally able to cope more easily with life both at home and at school.

One of the best ways to become a good listener is to listen and discuss stories that are read to you. Listening with a purpose in mind always makes for good listening!

Here is the link to a story, Giraffes Can’t Dance (I wonder why?)

This is a good story for listening (see how many rhymes you can find together and for confidence building (can you dance like a giraffe?)

Then have fun making your very own giraffe from an arm and a hand-print

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