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Getting ready....

The fun is about to begin! And to ensure that school or daycare really is fun for our little ones, let’s review how we can prepare them for success in the next few weeks. Playing games will make the learning much more fun.

  • Self care – managing buttons, zippers, socks and shoes. (Velcro closures are great for shoes) Once they have the skills, work on speed by having time-trials or races.

  • Lunch time – favourite foods to take, foods they can eat independently, opening containers, repacking lunch box. Lots of room for discussion and practicing.

  • Listening skills – practice following two step directions: put your shoes away and come and sit down; colour the box blue and the circle red;

  • Waiting your turn to speak and to share is very difficult! Model at home.

  • Review the concept of first, second and third. “You can be first in line” (These are really strange words as they have no connection to 1, 2 and 3

  • Adjust bed-time gradually to accommodate having to get up earlier to get to school.

Mastering these skills and tasks will give your children confidence and independence and you will be delighted by the growth in their abilities.

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