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Create a happy space for your child!

#SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed…

Today is International Happiness Day

What makes us happy? There are so many answers but we like this anonymous quote.

“Seeing my kids happy is one of the best feelings in the world.”

What helps to make our children happy is the sense of calmness and knowing what to expect from the special people in their lives. Simple routines can provide this for our children.

Why are routines important?

  • They provide a sense of security and stability; children feel safe in their environment and they develop trust. (A morning routine of getting up and dressed, getting ready for the day, eating a good breakfast or an evening routine of supper, playing, special snuggle and reading, talking about the day and drifting off to sleep can provide bookends to the day)

  • Social, emotional and cognitive skills are developed; children learn to anticipate changes and become more independent. Knowing what is likely to happen next, helps our children to feel secure and confident in their own abilities. We can help by giving them an outline or a description of what to expect:

“In five minutes, we are going to pack up the toys and have a bath”

“We are going to be leaving the house very soon – are you ready?”

  • It is an easy way to teach and reinforce everyday personal skills – washing hands before eating, the importance of brushing teeth, carrying your plate to the sink.

Listen to our story about a bedtime routine!

Lion’s Lullaby -

Make a lion mask and roar!

What kind of routines will you develop with your child? Please share!

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