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Crafty fun!


because everything starts with a seed.......

Fine motor skills are the last physical skills to develop. As we learn to control our big muscles (gross motor skills) we are able to move, to jump and dance.

Fine motor skills help with self-care – buttons, zippers, opening containers, and also colouring and writing.

As with all skills, the more we practice, the better we are at the tasks.

Crafts are a fun way for children to develop fine motor skills along with their imagination and problem-solving skills.

Have fun with your child as you do these two crafts together!

You can introduce the polar bear craft by listening to the story Polar Bear, Polar Bear,What Do You Hear? at this link then make the face together.

For the polar bear face you will need

A paper plate - the face

Two white circles - the ears

White tissues - the fur


Black marker - the eyes and nose

Optional an empty fruit cup for the nose Thank you Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things

2. Make your own snowstorm with this snowglobe.

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