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Count me in!


because everything starts with a seed....

Counting is a process… Knowing your numbers takes time!

Children delight in chanting the numbers out loud. But that is all that it is – a chant.

The chant is essential though – the names of the numbers is the vocabulary of counting. (1 to 5)

Once rote counting is mastered, the foundational skill we need to teach our children is “one to one correspondence” One to one correspondence is our understanding that an object in a group can only be counted once.

To help our children to understand this, they can touch the object being counted or move it away from the group being counted.

They will need lots of practice!

• Activities can be as simple as putting forks on the table for each member of the family. • Giving each stuffed animal a piece of cereal.

• Using an egg carton to make nests for numbers and count with pieces of pasta

• Make number cards. Throw a die to and use counters to match number thrown.

Happy counting!

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