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because everything starts with a seed....

Congratulations to all our HIPPY Halton children and their dedicated mothers who worked so hard on our 30 week HIPPY program.

We hope you are enjoying the bubbles and the chalk from our Celebration.

Here are some ways for children to have fun with the chalk while developing those important fine and gross motor skills.

• Hopscotch – draw an outline of squares, rectangles and triangles and number them

The child throws a small object – a stone, stick, toy on the first number. He then hops through the outline, jumping over the shape with the toy. He turns around and retrieves the object on his way back.

• Find your way

Draw a maze on the ground and challenge your child to walk or hop through it.

• Balance on the lines!

Draw wavy and whacky designs – wave, spirals and zig-zags on the pavement and challenge your child to stay on the lines. You could even make two designs and have races!

• Play with shadows.

A mini science lesson! Trace the same object at different times of the day and see the change In shape. Trace shadow of other objects and colour them in.

Have fun together!

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