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Colour me curious about my world!

Did you know that colours teach both math and language?

Colours are a foundational skill for preschoolers and extend both their math and language skills. Colours are an easy way to describe, sort and categorize objects around us. They also give us safety clues – red to stop or for danger and green for go.

Recognizing colour:

  • Teaching colours can be as simple as pointing out coloured objects and asking do you want the red ball or the blue ball? The green toy or the orange toy?

  • You can also ask children to name the colours they have used in a drawing and to match colours: find a blue book like this one.

  • Compare colours and extend vocabulary with words like lighter and darker, pale, bright.

Games to play to reinforce colours:

  • Play I Spy – I spy with my little eye something that is red

  • Sort objects in the room by colour

  • Extend the learning by making patterns with colours: red, blue, red, blue etc.

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