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SundaySeeds, because everything starts with a seed.....

The second wave of the COVID virus is making us feel irritable, tense and anxious. We have no vaccine at present, so we need to look inward to bring ourselves peace. Try this simple exercise anywhere and at any time; standing in line, waiting at a stop light, walking down the street….

Let your senses help you to help yourself.

Notice 5 things that you can see – something unusual that you would not normally pay attention to.

Notice 4 things that you can feel – the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe, the texture of your sweater, the fabric of the chair.

Notice 3 things you can hear – pay attention to background sounds: a dog barking, a car engine, the wind whistling.

Notice 2 things you can smell – food cooking, flowers, the wet earth.

Notice 1 thing you can taste – a sip of coffee, a candy, piece of fruit.

Now notice how your breathing has slowed and the peace you feel…. Smile!

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