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As promised!

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We promised more examples of daily math at home...Here they are!

As you wait :

  • Count people, cars, clouds that you see

  • Compare sizes of cars, people – which one is bigger, smaller?

  • See if you can find a certain number of objects around you

When tidying up:

  • Find specific shapes to pick up – a square, a circle, a triangle

  • Count the number of toys picked up

  • Set a goal of the number of items to pick up

  • Count the steps taken

When reading stories:

  • Count the number of animals or characters or objects

  • Reinforce concepts like bigger or smaller; more and less


  • Count the number of stories you read together

  • Count the number of pillows, books, blankets they can see

  • Count kisses and always give one more!

Math is useful and fun!

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