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A kind friend is the only friend

#SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed

Today is National Friendship Day!

“Friends are the sunshine of life”

Friendships blossom as our children interact with other children. Doing so helps to develop the strong social and emotional skills which are an important part of success in everyday life. Learning to play and share with others are skills that last a lifetime.

How to encourage friendships?

  1. A great way to start is to listen to “How to be a Friend” Then… talk about how to be a friend and how NOT to be a friend.

  2. See our craft activity for a fun way to reinforce your children’s ideas

  3. Cooperative games are an easy way to develop friendship as you work together to achieve a goal:

  • Building Build block towers to start and then move on to more complex structures. Planning and re-designing together is part of the fun. Make tents together out of sheets and pillows…To build together, you need to share ideas and perhaps most importantly to learn listen to others.

  • Treasure hunts – you all look for the items listed

  • Relay races everyone needs to be successful to win the race 3. Encourage kindness and empathy – have them think about comments they make – was it kind or useful? If not, don’t say it! We all need friendships and relationships. It is never too early to start building a strong foundation….

“Every new friend is a new adventure , the start of more memories”

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