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5 Important Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Physically Active

5 of the top reasons why every child can benefit from daily physical activity.

  1. Physical activity, particularly intense activity, develops better bone and heart health and a healthier body.

  2. Children who are physically active are more able to manage their own behaviour and get on better with others.

  3. Children with good fine and gross motor skills are better able to sit up straight, pay attention hold a pencil and learn to write.

  4. Young children are generally confident in their own abilities and may be more willing to try and persist at new activities. Basic skills like throwing, kicking, catching and skipping as well as hopping, jumping and balance can be more easily developed.

  5. Physically active young children are more likely to be active in later childhood and adulthood – which is important for overall good health.

How much physical activity? Three hours of active play every day, in small chunks over the course of the day is ideal. Children enjoy moving around and exploring their environment – climbing, rolling, crawling, dancing. Set them free to do so – a family that plays together, stays together!

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